Providing professional Architectural services to a wide variety of clients in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Specializing in residential design, with experience in institutional, commercial and restaurant/bar design.

Frank Russell received his professional Architectural degree from Harvard University after graduate study in New York and Florence, Italy. He has practiced professionally in the Cincinnati area since 1989 after working for architecture firms in New York and San Francisco. In addition to practicing he directs a research program and teaches at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning: The Community Design Center.

Marshal Compton received his professional architectural degree from the University of Pennsylvania after graduate study at Yale University. He has practiced in the Cincinnati area since 1994 while practicing in Philadelphia, Greenwich, and San Francisco since 1988.

Professional Architectural Registration: Ohio, California
Insurance: Liability, Errors and Omissions Insurance

Relevant Project List

1988    195 Magnolia Ave, Mr. Andrew Allen, Glendale, Ohio. (Renovation of residence-Built)

1989    Parks Residence: 175 Magnolia, Glendale, Ohio. (Addition to residence)

1989    545 Hoge St, Mr. Andrew Allen, Cincinnati (Renovation of residence-Built)

1989    Miller Residence: Torch Lake Summer House, Michigan. (Design of 2,000 s.f. residence)

1990    Lower Residence: 1040 Willow Ave., Glendale, Ohio (Addition to residence-Built)

1991    1318-20 Main St., Woodward Main Corporation: Cincinnati. (Renovation of historic structure to an 8,000 s.f. office building-Built)

1992    Allen Residence: 1045 Laurel Ave., Glendale (Addition to residence-Built)

1993    Taylor/Fabe Residence: 3285 Observatory Ave, Cincinnati. (Addition to residence)

1994    Head Residence: 7796 Shawnee Run Rd, Cincinnati. (Renovation and addition to residence-Built)

1994    350 West Ninth Street, Niemes-James Partners, Cincinnati. (Renovation of commercial space for two residential units-Built)

1994    Truax Residence: 558 Howell, Cincinnati. (Renovation of and addition to residence-Built)

1994    Scheingarten Residence: 3701 Davenant, Cincinnati. (Renovation of residence-Built)

1994    Haines Residence: 58 River Street, New Canaan Conn. (Renovation of residence-Built)

1995    Shaffer Residence: 511 Tusculum, Cincinnati. (Renovation of residence-Built)

1995    Arrasmith Photography Studios: Townview Center, Cincinnati. (Renovation of office space-Built)

1995    George Residence: 200 Homer Avenue, Cincinnati. (Renovation of residence-Built)

1995    Goldsmith Residence: 3500 Tarpis Avenue, Cincinnati. (Addition to residence-Built)

1995    Barrel House Brew Pub: 22 East 12 Street, Cincinnati. (Renovation of manufacturing space-Built)

1995    Williams Residence: 34 Oval Avenue, Riverside, CT (Addition and renovation of residence-Built)

1995    Applegate Residence: 9655 Shawnee run rd, Cincinnati (Addition to residence-Built)

1996    Randman Residence: 3581 Handman Avenue, Cincinnati. (New 3000 s.f. residence)

1996    Sloneker Residence: 1287 New London Rd, Hamilton, Ohio (New 5400 s.f. residence-Built)

1997    Casual Hair Salon: 1038 Delta Avenue, Cincinnati. (Renovation)

1998    Recording Studio: Mr. Daniel Mechem, 1420 Sycamore (Renovation of existing office)

1998    Sapinsley Residence: 5250 Susshine Lane (Garage and deck -Built)

1998    Sells Residence: 227 Wallace Street, Covington (deck addition-Built)

1999    First Presbyterian Church: 1140 Cowper Street, Palo Alto, Calif. (Renovation of Sanctuary - Built)

1999    San Gregorio Residence: 1470 Arcadia Place, Palo Alto, Calif. (New 5200 s.f. residence-Built)

1999    Turner Residence: 1002 Richwood Circle, Cincinnati (Renovation - Built)

2000    Hale Justice Building Lofts: Redmont Development: 28 Central Parkway, Cincinnati. (Renovation of commercial building for 30 loft apartments-Built)

2000    Shillito Lofts: Redmont Development: 617 Race Street, Cincinnati. (Renovation of commercial building for 18 loft apartments-Built)

2000    LaBoiteaux Residence, 548 Liberty Hill Avenue, Cincinnati (Renovation and addition to existing building)

2000    Wood Residence: 4 Belsaw Place, Cincinnati (New out-building exercise studio-Built)

2000    Teneych Residence: 3150 Victoria Avenue, Cincinnati (Kitchen renovation - Built)

2000    Stimson Residence: 4756 Kugler Mill Road, Cincinnati (2nd Floor renovation)

2000    Burchenal Residence: Two Creek Ranch, Ovando, Montana (New Residence-Built)

2000    Verdin Company, 1321 Pendleton Street, Cincinnati (renovation of existing 3 story building)

2000    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Grieve, 6997 Rowan Hills Drive, Cincinnati (2nd Floor addition - Built)

2001    Mercantile Library Reading Room, 12th Flr, 414 Walnut Street (Conversion of 1000 s.f. office space into library Built)

2002    Moore Residence, 3400 Custer Ave (Addition to residence Built)

2002    Ott Residence, 1244 Cliff Lane, Cincinnati (Addition to Residence)

2003    Full Spectrum Health Center, 3836 Reading Road, (Renovation of 4800 s.f. medical office Built)

2003    225 Orchard Street, Suzanne Sizer (Apartment renovation)

2003    Sizer Residence, 1233 Rookwood (Renovation of Residence Built)

2003    Brown Residence, 2914 Alpine Terrace, (Addition Built)

2003    1220 Vine Street Lofts, City Center Properties, (Renovation of commercial building for 30 loft apartments-Built)

2003    Crawford Lofts, 1420 Main Street, City Center Properties (Loft conversion of 18 unit building - Built)

2004    Carbarn, 1420 Sycamore, Verdin Company, (Renovation of commercial space for Loft Apartment - Built)

2004    Englert Residence, 3581 Interwood Ave (Addition to residence)

2004    Fitzpatrick Residence, 3954 Devonshire Ct. (Addition to residence - Built)

2004    Ley Residence, 1108 Paxton Ave (Addition to residence Built)

2004    Melindy Lofts, 1431 Main Street, City Center Properties, (Loft conversion of 5 unit building Built)

2004    Portman Residence, Adams County, Ohio (New vacation residence - Built)

2004    Ryan Residence, 1330 Hayward Court (Addition to residence)

2004    Schiff Residence, 2 Forest Hills Drive (Casework Design Built)

2004    Shenk Residence, 1244 Edwards Road (Addition to residence)

2004    Rosenkrantz-Cincinnati Wine Garage, 6611 Madison Road, (conversion of commercial space)

2005    Phinney House Village of Indian Hill Administration Annex Building, 8260 Shawnee Run Rd., (Renovation and addition to historic farmhouse for office space Built)

2005    Randman Residence, 654 Glenway Ave (Addition to residence Built)

2005    Portman Residence, 4 Hill and Hollow Lane (Renovation of residence Built)

2006    Parkside Condominiums, 3315 Jefferson Avenue, City Center Properties, Condo conversion of 26 unit building Built)

2006    Guild Haus Lofts, 1622 Vine Street, City Center Properties, (Renovation of commercial building for 3 loft apartments-in construction)

2006    Portman Residence, Ovando, Montana (New vacation residence In Construction)

2006    Mercantile Library Foyer, 11th Flr, 414 Walnut Street (Renovation of historic library lobby Built)

2006    Bullock Terrace, 2548 Woodburn Ave, Redmont Development (Condo conversion of 32 unit building Built)

2006    1923 Elm Street Lofts, Pencil Dart Development Co, (Loft conversion of 24 unit building)

2006    Brant Residence, 7260 Meadowbrook Drive, (Addition and renovation to residence In Construction)

2006    Falkenstine Residence, 137 Springfield Pike, (Addition and renovation to existing residence Bidding process)

2006    Coombe Residence, 6 Corbin Drive, (Renovation to existing residence In design process)